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POLYETHYLENE DOCK WHEELS - Never Wear Out, Rust or Go Flat!



We are the original manufacturer of the polyethylene Maintenance-Free Dock Wheel.  Our Dock Wheels are rotational molded using a durable & virtually indestructible polyethylene material, producing a one-piece seamless tire.  The heavy-duty construction and wide foot print design allows these dock wheels to roll over the roughest terrain with ease.  The assurance of knowing these tires will never go flat or rust, and are available at a great price, make them the most popular dock wheels on the market today!   Ideal for roll-in docks, boat lifts, swinging and sliding gates and unlimited other uses.

All Dock Wheels feature a 2" axle opening (designed to fit a 1 1/2" pipe).




  • 100% Heavy-Duty, UV Stabilized Polyethylene Construction.
  • One-Piece, Seamless Rotational Molded Design
  • Wide Foot Print Design Allows For Easy Roll-In.
  • Stackable For Easy Storage
  • Ideal For Roll-In Docks, Boat Lifts, & Unlimited Other Uses
  • Available Sizes:  2, 4, 8, 12, 14 Lb
  • Available Color: Black

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#300085 - Dock Wheel Locking Collar

More Info

  #300966 2 Lb Wheel 850 Lbs Patched    8" H  x  6.0"  Tread W
  #300967 4 Lb Wheel 850 Lbs Patched 12" H  x  6.0"   Tread W
  #300968 8 Lb Wheel 850 Lbs Non-Patched 18" H  x  8.0"   Tread W
  #300448 12 Lb Wheel 950 Lbs Patched  25" H  x  8.5"   Tread W
  #300447 12 Lb Wheel 950 Lbs Non-Patched  25" H  x  8.5"   Tread W
  #300450 14 Lb Wheel 1150 Lbs Patched  25" H  x  8.5"   Tread W
  #300449 14 Lb Wheel 1150 Lbs Non-Patched 25" H  x  8.5"   Tread W

*Patched:  Wheel is airtight (non-drilled) providing extra flotation. .......................Recommended for heavier-weight docks.


*Non-Patched:  Wheel features pre-drilled holes allowing wheel to obtain water .providing extra stability / weight.   Recommended for lighter-weight docks.